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Seanthesis brings together parties with a shared interest in maritime and offshore investment projects to achieve new and accretive synergies with strong investment profile and value adding parameters.

Direct Investments

Whether you are an established and experienced shipowner seeking to diversify or simply an investor with an interest in shipping, Seanthesis offers access to a range of direct investment opportunities in real assets, in the maritime and offshore spaces. 


Shipowning partnerships

If you are interested in selective direct investments in real maritime assets, Seanthesis offers you the access to investments in real assets with immediate and measurable returns. Conversely, if you are a shipowner interested in finding partners to raise equity finance for a specific project, we can facilitate the structuring of your project and the sourcing of the capital sought.


Maritime equity fund

Seanthesis cooperates with first class Norwegian maritime asset managers to offer the potential investor access to a shipping equity fund with a smart concept and diversified exposure, offering good downside protection and strong upside, with a proven track record of strong returns throughout all stages of the shipping cycles.


Investment in offshore service vessels

Our Partners have a strong presence in the ever expanding field of offshore, both Oil & Gas as well as renewable energy. Opportunities arise from time to time in the ownership of support vessels or even in offshore wind parks. Seanthesis strongly recommends potential investors to be on the lookout for good investments in these promising and growing segments.

Project Finance

Seanthesis offers access to financing solutions to shipowners of all leagues, ranging from debt through a dedicated maritime credit fund for the medium size owner to project finance for larger scale projects at competitive terms via North European pension fund as well as lease finance through facilitating sale and leaseback deals between Owner lessors and lessees opening the door to new synergies.

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Alternative debt finance

A maritime credit fund offers the small and medium size shipowner access to capital where speed and flexibility are important, with cost of capital that competes favourably with the cost of equity. Conversely, an investor may want to participate in the equity of the credit fund, achieving high single digit returns secured by first priority mortgages on real maritime assets.


Equity finance

Where debt may be available for a project but an Owner wishes to complement their equity with other investors, the Owner may create a shipowning structure in the form of a partnership in the manner described under section "Direct Investments" above and retain the share of the equity that corresponds to its needs.


Sale & Leasebacks

Where a shipowner finds that selling and leasing back through a bareboat charter is a preferable way of financing a vessel, Seanthesis can facilitate the transaction providing quality services in advising, sourcing of counterparties, structuring and implementing the transaction.


Get in touch to discuss further details about the ongoing or potential projects that may suit your investment goals or just express your interest in specific types of projects so that we may keep you informed of new opportunities as they come along.

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