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Direct Investments

Investing in shipping in the public markets can be profitable if you can manage the high risk and volatility, however there is a lack of opportunity to invest directly in assets and realize the immediate benefit of the operation and the value upside of the vessels, protected from the stock market risk.

Seanthesis works with top tier asset managers and arrangers to bring to the market direct investment opportunities with an edge.

Shipowning partnerships

At its core, Seanthesis facilitates investors who want to own shares in ships. It promotes access to direct investment into quality structured shipowning projects in the maritime, offshore O&G and growing offshore wind spaces.


This concept of sharing equity and risk facilitates the creation of more projects, encourages more investments and gives access to more investors, and ultimately enhances the liquidity of assets and the availability of investment opportunities in the market.


Such shipowning structures allow a party to come as an investor to take a participation in other people’s projects, or to “sponsor” and manage a project and find other investors to invest in it.

A typical limited partnership structure can be viewed here.

Maritime Equity Fund

At the same time Seanthesis facilitates access to maritime equity funds structured and managed by first class North European maritime asset managers with a strong track record.


Such a funds create a portfolio of holdings in vessels of different types and allow the direct investment into a diversified shipowning platform, made of holdings that have been taken at the time considered optimum for each individual segment. This provides downside protection and strong upside, and allows an investor to take any desired “slice” of exposure in shipping without the need to invest the capital otherwise required to take a position in each of these segments.


Historically the maritime equity funds have been running with an IRR just under 30% annually.

Add value to your portfolio

Seanthesis sits where shipping companies and direct equity investors meet.

The direct investments facilitated by Seanthesis are privileged investment opportunities not available to the non shipping private investor. They are ideal for a family office, for an established shipowner, or for an individual investor and any portfolio that wants to benefit from having a real stake in the lucrative shipping and offshore spaces.


In both the individual shipowning partnerships and the equity fund, Seanthesis can facilitate your interest from either the viewpoint of an investor, or a sponsor/manager of a partnership.


If you are a potentially interested investor, contact us to be added to distribution list for future direct investment opportunities.


Also do contact us if you have a project you wish to propose for structuring and sourcing of investors to participate.

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